I Need an Adult

So the last couple of days, I’ve been obsessing with saving money. Downloading cash back apps on my phone, bookmarking every possible coupon site known to man (and legit), and even trying to learn how to coupon like a pro. I mostly can blame this on my cousin Jessica because of her Facebook posts, but it really did get me thinking. WE NEED TO SAVE MONEY!!!

Looking back on old receipts that I had just laying around (who does that?) and I realized how much money we could have been saving THIS WHOLE TIME! Especially on diapers and baby food. And now that Jay is old enough to be eating baby food and whatnot, I’m worried that our bills are going to go up much higher. Plus with me being a stay at home mom and doing most (if not all) of the grocery shopping, I feel like I’m the one to blame. I was just spending money carelessly. Until now. 🙂

I just hope I can master the art of coupons. So if anyone who is reading this can head me in the right direction or even some tips. Comment below! 🙂



One thought on “I Need an Adult

  1. Do you have a Target near you? I have saved almost $100 this year from Target’s cartwheel app, pretty much exclusively from baby stuff– they have lots of diaper and wipe deals and I print manufacturer’s coupons off the internet when I can find them. Nothing has challenged my money saving skills like having a baby! Also if you can afford it you should stock up when they have really good sales, like sometimes they do buy 2 boxes of diapers get a $10 giftcard and then if you also spend $100-$150 depending on the deal they’ll often do an additional $20-25 giftcard. My baby stuff pretty much pays for all the rest of the household things we buy there – toilet paper, laundry tabs, etc.

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