Done with the Holidays

Am I the only one happy that the holidays are over? I mean what a stressful weekend week MONTH it has been!

Jay’s first Christmas I guess I can say was a success. We were able to go shopping the day before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve, Eve?) We went to his mom’s house to spend time with her since Chris had to work on Christmas. Jay got a whole bunch of new clothes and a teething blanket. He wasn’t really liking the teething blanket but I’m hoping he warms up to it so he has something to chew on (as if he doesn’t have enough…) and he ended up staying with her while we went shopping.

What we got was

  • A walker shaped like a monster
  • A Mickey Mouse toddler blanket
  • A 360 cup
  • The Land Before Time dvd
  • A stuffed elephant
  • A Vtech Laptop
  • Three sensory balls
  • A vibrating bug toy
  • Pacifiers (but they have magically disappeared…)
  • A Mickey Mouse solar thing
  • Mickey Mouse pajamas

Can you tell the baby like Mickey Mouse? 😂

Christmas Eve we didn’t do much. Chris had to work that day too so it was just me and the baby. My friend Alex came into town and he came over to spend some time with us. We watched Suicide Squad (Jay fell asleep during) and we just talked. On Christmas, Jay woke us up about 9am. I woke Chris up so he could watch him open gifts. He was more excited over the Mickey Mouse blanket than anything. But he did love being in his walker and played on his laptop. I put the Mickey Mouse solar thing in his window so it wouldn’t get broken and he could watch it move. Later I went with Alex to his Aunt’s house where we ate yummy food and Jay played with his favorite uncle. He was a really good baby. He ate most of the food on my plate! His aunt got me a picture frame with one of my favorite pictures of Jay and a bottle of wine! (You bet I drank it that night too! ;)) Then we went to our friend’s Bee and Zeike’s house to celebrate Christmas with them as well. We surprised Zeike (he didn’t know Alex was coming) and opened Jay’s gifts. He got…

  • Books
  • Mickey Mouse bathtub toy
  • Winter hat and gloves
  • A huge Mickey Mouse plush
  • A rainbow penguin plush
  • A handmade blanket

He was so thrilled when he saw Mickey Mouse though. That thing is bigger than him! I’ll take a picture with him next to it. He loves it! I got some gifts as well. I got a canvas I can color on and bath/foot stuff. I wasn’t expecting anything but they surprised me! It was a good weekend after all though. I got to spend it with the people I care about the most. But I am so damn glad its over and I can stress less now that Christmas is over. I do feel very blessed to have the people in my life that love and care about my son and I. They sure did make us feel special 😀





Is Time in Fast Forward?

Seriously, whoever sat on the remote and pushed fast forward, fix that please! I feel like this whole month vanished and I only have a couple more days left until Christmas. I’m one of those bad parents that haven’t got their baby anything and waited last minute to get his presents. Not really, we had to wait for Chris to be paid. But God, I am dreading tomorrow. I really don’t want to be at Walmart with thousands of people doing the exact thing I am. But it’s either that or stay with his mom while he goes by himself. I’d rather fight the crowds and possibly get hit by a cart than staying with her by myself. But that’s another blog post. Maybe I’ll even put it in the about me section?…

But I am also excited to be celebrating Jay’s first Christmas. His presents (if everything goes according to plan) is as follows.

  • Baby walker – he’s crawling so I figured this would be a nice big Christmas gift.
  • Christmas Eve gift: a pair of christmas jammies, movie or a book and a teething toy. I would give him a snack but… he’s 7 months with no teeth. The most I could do is applesauce or something.
  • Stocking stuffers like teething toys, pacifiers, meshed teethers, etc.
  • A playmat for his room.
  • Something Mickey related.
  • Clothes

I know there’s not toys listed. The only reason is because he’s already had a Christmas in Virginia when we visited my mom and got enough toys to cover his whole room. Not to mention, until we get a dresser or a toy box, we just don’t have the room for toys. Teething toys are much smaller and easier to organize. Plus I’m pretty sure he has every Vtech toy known to man (not really but he does have alot of Vtech toys. He’s not spoiled at all.)

But I do want him to have a great Christmas even if he doesn’t remember it. I will. The only thing I regret is not being able to get his pictures professionally done. I did get some pictures while we were playing in his room earlier and I think they’re pretty good. I’m actually using one as a Christmas card. I can’t post it because there’s people who read this that are getting one… but here are the others. (Yes, I did edit some of them).

Not bad for a phone huh? There’s more but these are my favorite. Plus the others are either blurry, unedited or ones I just don’t want to show. But I am happy I got some type of Christmas pictures. I’m definitely getting his one year pictures done though!

Anyways, I really should be asleep so I can rest up before a long day tomorrow. If I don’t write before then, I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas!


My Mommy Senses are Tingling

Do you ever have those days or even 20161220_012836moments where it feels like you’re a supermom? The past couple of weeks I’ve felt lIke that.

While Jay is going through teething, he has been a completely different baby. Cranky, super clingy, tired, you name it. He has his first four teeth coming in at the same time and he is just so miserable. Well lately my mommy senses have been tingling. I’ve been knowing when he’s hungry or tired without even him crying. It’s more like a little voice telling me I should put him down for a nap, he’s tired, and he does! Same with being hungry. He doesn’t even have to be crying and as soon as I am coming back with a bottle, he’s fussing and reaching for it.

Also tonight he woke up and just kept crying. Before I went in the room I heard that voice telling me I should put him in my bed with me and give him a bottle. He’s out like a light. I don’t know maybe I’m just crazy but I felt like having a good mom bragging moment. I’m also new to this whole parenting thing so everything is just so exciting! But I need to get some sleep because he’ll probably still wake up early and it’s 2am.

Does your baby sleep well? What are some tricks you have to do to get yours asleep? Does your mommy senses tingle too? Let me know in the comments!



Bullet Journal

Soooo… again, I was on a mommy group on Facebook and someone made a post looking for “Bujoers” because she had some questions. Curiosity peaked so I asked “What in the world is a bujoer?!” She responded with “Someone who has a bullet journal. Look on youtube, there’s alot of videos.” AND BOY ARE THERE.

I think I spent half the day yesterday just watching them and now I really want to start one! I think it would be something handy and fun to do everyday. I have nothing to do anyways (minus being a mommy and maid 😉 ) in the terms of being crafty and I think this will really help! I tried making one with the journal I already had but it has lines and was making me mad. Plus I don’t have any fountain pen or those thing sharpie markers. I want to do it right damnit! I’m also worried because I am such a perfectionist when it comes to those types of things and I also tend to procrastinate… ALOT. But as I was watching the videos, I notice these women (and some men!) use them to track their websites/blogs/YouTube channels/Instagram/etc and I think that is really helpful. I’m hoping one day to make this blog known so I think it will really work well for me. Plus to track my progress and watching my blog or Instagram grow would be really cool!

Do you have a bullet journal? Would you have one? Do you like it? Any tips for a newbie? Answer in the comments below!


So I recently joined another mom group on Facebook and I saw a post about someone asking sites that offer free samples. I got curious because who doesn’t love free samples? I don’t know how many times I see ads on Facebook claiming they give free samples (I mostly care about baby and personal care samples) and never getting anything! Well as I was scrolling through the comments (being a creep 👀) I saw a comment about So I click and scoped it out. This commenter swore on the products she got as samples. I looked around and I have to say I’m impressed. All I had to do was fill out a short profile  (kind of like a survey so they know what to send you) and that was it! Of course now all I have to do is wait but I am excited! Look at the website for yourself and get your free samples today! Because who doesn’t like free stuff?


Can’t Sleep 

So it’s almost 1am and for the life of me I cannot sleep. I was getting tired sitting at the desk so I told everyone I was going to bed… but here I am unable to sleep. Chris is gone for the night to play board games at a friend’s house and baby Jay thankfully has been asleep all night. He had a good dinner of applesauce and mashed up pears at my friends Zeike and Bee’s house. We went over there to have a nachos night and Bee ended up getting sick. So I told Chris to come get us before he left. We got Burger King on the way home and then he left.

I played a few matches on Heroes of the Storm with my friend Jeremy trying to get to 25 games to get the Christmas mount. We got to 14/25 and called it quits until another day. While playing, our friend told us about how her boyfriend broke up with her pretty much because she has PTSD… that’s fucked up. I also have PTSD and when she told me I got so mad. It’s not easy living with it and it’s especially hard when you don’t have a support system for it. Luckily mine isn’t as bad as it was, but it isn’t gone either. I felt so bad for her and hope her ex gets hit by a truck  (kidding, but seriously) I just can’t believe the nerve of some people. While Chris and I have our differences and issues, I’m glad he’s there for me if I need it. He knows to leave me alone if I’m having an episode because one of us can get hurt. And I usually don’t remember them so anything I do or say, I don’t want to regret hurting someone and feeling more like shit. Ya know?

Well anyways. I better put my phone down or I’ll never get sleep. Especially with babykins sleeping and possibly waking up early. Chris has been helping the last couple of mornings with him and since he’s out tonight, I doubt he’ll still be awake. But we’ll see. Good night!



So I didn’t goto bed like I planned. Instead, I went on Google and went searching for anything I can do while being a SAHM. I really need to get some money of my own and working is just not in the cards. Well I came across this website called Clickworkers. It’s pretty simple also and doesn’t take much time. You click on a job, read the instructions on what to do (most of the work I’ve done is search engines), and you’re done. Takes the most 10 minutes. Click on the link below to check it out or even sign up! I’ve already made 3 bucks in 10 minutes. It’s pretty awesome and so easy to do!

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