I Suck At This

So apparently, I suck at keeping up with posts 😂 I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since I last wrote. And the last post was really depressing, sorry about that! I was in a really dark spot. I’m doing so much better though. For now.

So much has happened in the 2 months. Little Jay turned the big ONE on May 5th. I still can’t believe he’s already a year old. It went by way too fast. Before I know it, he’ll be in school 😦 I don’t know how I will handle that! It makes me sadder just thinking about it.

Another reason I haven’t been writing is I putting alot of time into World of Warcraft and other games. I’m currently taking a hiatus from it because I got burnt out and there’s more important things to deal with. Also, I’ve been putting more time into Heroes of the Storm and Stardew Valley after Jay goes to bed. They’re easier to keep ontop of and I don’t feel like I’m far behind compared to World of Warcraft. I just can’t keep up with it anymore as much as I do enjoy playing.

But I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I did remodel the site a little bit. I made a twitter banner last night and decided it would look good on here too. I’m also going to try to work on getting some more pages going. So keep an eye out for that!



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