Hello 2017

So it’s about an hour into the new year and I’m still awake. Why you ask? No I haven’t been drinking, I’m not out with friends, I’m stuck at home. Jay has been sick for the last couple of days with I’m hoping is just a cold and just woke up with a bad cough and clogged up nose. I really hate seeing my baby like this. And to make matters worse, I believe he may be allergic to Pedialyte. Yup. Pedialyte. I got him some last night due to having diarrhea and I didn’t want him getting dehydrated. I know I get thirsty when I’m sick. I poured some in a bottle and let him drink from it. After he was done, I noticed he had a small rash on his chin. I figured maybe he scraped it against a blanket. Tonight while he was eating his dinner, I decided to give him Pedialyte again. Within minutes a rash was in the shape of the bottle imprinted onto his little face! I took it from him immediately and he cried wanting it back. I poured it out and gave him formula instead. He didn’t have any other symptoms except his face so I have no idea. I’m not giving him anymore though, that’s for sure.

ZI really hate sharing that picture but as you can see the ring around his mouth is what happened within minutes. His eyes were already like that and it just makes me so sad. I wish he would feel better soon. Not to mention, I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep well last night due to him waking up every couple hours due to coughing, not being able to breathe, etc. He was just plain miserable which is to be expected of course. Tonight he seems to be better since he fell back to sleep but I keep hearing him cough every now and then worried he’s getting worse. I can’t wait for Monday to come so I can make him an appointment. I know he can goto the hospital but he’s not that bad. Yet. All day he was playing with his toys and smiling. That’s definitely more than what he was doing the day before so there’s hope it’s just a cold and he’ll get over it soon. But what a shitty way to start the new year’s 😦

Hope yall have a better start than me.



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