Is Time in Fast Forward?

Seriously, whoever sat on the remote and pushed fast forward, fix that please! I feel like this whole month vanished and I only have a couple more days left until Christmas. I’m one of those bad parents that haven’t got their baby anything and waited last minute to get his presents. Not really, we had to wait for Chris to be paid. But God, I am dreading tomorrow. I really don’t want to be at Walmart with thousands of people doing the exact thing I am. But it’s either that or stay with his mom while he goes by himself. I’d rather fight the crowds and possibly get hit by a cart than staying with her by myself. But that’s another blog post. Maybe I’ll even put it in the about me section?…

But I am also excited to be celebrating Jay’s first Christmas. His presents (if everything goes according to plan) is as follows.

  • Baby walker – he’s crawling so I figured this would be a nice big Christmas gift.
  • Christmas Eve gift: a pair of christmas jammies, movie or a book and a teething toy. I would give him a snack but… he’s 7 months with no teeth. The most I could do is applesauce or something.
  • Stocking stuffers like teething toys, pacifiers, meshed teethers, etc.
  • A playmat for his room.
  • Something Mickey related.
  • Clothes

I know there’s not toys listed. The only reason is because he’s already had a Christmas in Virginia when we visited my mom and got enough toys to cover his whole room. Not to mention, until we get a dresser or a toy box, we just don’t have the room for toys. Teething toys are much smaller and easier to organize. Plus I’m pretty sure he has every Vtech toy known to man (not really but he does have alot of Vtech toys. He’s not spoiled at all.)

But I do want him to have a great Christmas even if he doesn’t remember it. I will. The only thing I regret is not being able to get his pictures professionally done. I did get some pictures while we were playing in his room earlier and I think they’re pretty good. I’m actually using one as a Christmas card. I can’t post it because there’s people who read this that are getting one… but here are the others. (Yes, I did edit some of them).

Not bad for a phone huh? There’s more but these are my favorite. Plus the others are either blurry, unedited or ones I just don’t want to show. But I am happy I got some type of Christmas pictures. I’m definitely getting his one year pictures done though!

Anyways, I really should be asleep so I can rest up before a long day tomorrow. If I don’t write before then, I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas!



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