My Mommy Senses are Tingling

Do you ever have those days or even 20161220_012836moments where it feels like you’re a supermom? The past couple of weeks I’ve felt lIke that.

While Jay is going through teething, he has been a completely different baby. Cranky, super clingy, tired, you name it. He has his first four teeth coming in at the same time and he is just so miserable. Well lately my mommy senses have been tingling. I’ve been knowing when he’s hungry or tired without even him crying. It’s more like a little voice telling me I should put him down for a nap, he’s tired, and he does! Same with being hungry. He doesn’t even have to be crying and as soon as I am coming back with a bottle, he’s fussing and reaching for it.

Also tonight he woke up and just kept crying. Before I went in the room I heard that voice telling me I should put him in my bed with me and give him a bottle. He’s out like a light. I don’t know maybe I’m just crazy but I felt like having a good mom bragging moment. I’m also new to this whole parenting thing so everything is just so exciting! But I need to get some sleep because he’ll probably still wake up early and it’s 2am.

Does your baby sleep well? What are some tricks you have to do to get yours asleep? Does your mommy senses tingle too? Let me know in the comments!




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