Bullet Journal

Soooo… again, I was on a mommy group on Facebook and someone made a post looking for “Bujoers” because she had some questions. Curiosity peaked so I asked “What in the world is a bujoer?!” She responded with “Someone who has a bullet journal. Look on youtube, there’s alot of videos.” AND BOY ARE THERE.

I think I spent half the day yesterday just watching them and now I really want to start one! I think it would be something handy and fun to do everyday. I have nothing to do anyways (minus being a mommy and maid 😉 ) in the terms of being crafty and I think this will really help! I tried making one with the journal I already had but it has lines and was making me mad. Plus I don’t have any fountain pen or those thing sharpie markers. I want to do it right damnit! I’m also worried because I am such a perfectionist when it comes to those types of things and I also tend to procrastinate… ALOT. But as I was watching the videos, I notice these women (and some men!) use them to track their websites/blogs/YouTube channels/Instagram/etc and I think that is really helpful. I’m hoping one day to make this blog known so I think it will really work well for me. Plus to track my progress and watching my blog or Instagram grow would be really cool!

Do you have a bullet journal? Would you have one? Do you like it? Any tips for a newbie? Answer in the comments below!



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