Can’t Sleep 

So it’s almost 1am and for the life of me I cannot sleep. I was getting tired sitting at the desk so I told everyone I was going to bed… but here I am unable to sleep. Chris is gone for the night to play board games at a friend’s house and baby Jay thankfully has been asleep all night. He had a good dinner of applesauce and mashed up pears at my friends Zeike and Bee’s house. We went over there to have a nachos night and Bee ended up getting sick. So I told Chris to come get us before he left. We got Burger King on the way home and then he left.

I played a few matches on Heroes of the Storm with my friend Jeremy trying to get to 25 games to get the Christmas mount. We got to 14/25 and called it quits until another day. While playing, our friend told us about how her boyfriend broke up with her pretty much because she has PTSD… that’s fucked up. I also have PTSD and when she told me I got so mad. It’s not easy living with it and it’s especially hard when you don’t have a support system for it. Luckily mine isn’t as bad as it was, but it isn’t gone either. I felt so bad for her and hope her ex gets hit by a truck  (kidding, but seriously) I just can’t believe the nerve of some people. While Chris and I have our differences and issues, I’m glad he’s there for me if I need it. He knows to leave me alone if I’m having an episode because one of us can get hurt. And I usually don’t remember them so anything I do or say, I don’t want to regret hurting someone and feeling more like shit. Ya know?

Well anyways. I better put my phone down or I’ll never get sleep. Especially with babykins sleeping and possibly waking up early. Chris has been helping the last couple of mornings with him and since he’s out tonight, I doubt he’ll still be awake. But we’ll see. Good night!



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