Long Weekend

So I’ve been away for a few days with my friends Bee and Zeike. Originally, I went over there to help with Bee’s daughter’s birthday (who turned 5) but I ended up staying a few more days because I honestly did not want to come home.

The birthday party was a success. Cami got alot of gifts and loved them all. Little Jay got his first taste of cake (just a little bit of icing) and was such a good boy. Later that night after the kids went to sleep, we decided to get drunk on wine. Forgetting that my chemistry has changed, I got really drunk and got really sick. I ended up hugging the porcelain God and I think I even slept in the bathroom for a little bit. Had the worse hangover the next day. Went to Owensboro with Bee to visit her mom and we witnessed an accident as we were going to the gas station. Luckily the kids weren’t in the car. A little old lady tried to run the yellow light that turned red and ended up smashing into another car. Thankfully everyone was ok but it was still scary.

Today was more a chill day. Bee had to work and Zeike went to hang out with a friend so I had the apartment to myself. Jay and myself ended up cuddling in their bed watching The Little Mermaid. He ended up taking a nap on me and I took the opportunity to get something to eat because I was so hungry. When Bee got home, she asked if I wanted to stay another night. Since it was four nights, I decided I needed to go home. Plus I had alot of things to do that I was just pushing off. So here I am on the computer, not cleaning, not doing things I should be doing, and talking to friends in Discord. Jay went to bed at 8pm so I’m hoping he has a good night and stays asleep. He doesn’t have his favorite pacifier with him so sometimes its hard for him to stay asleep but so far, so good. Honestly though, I wish I never had to introduce him to pacifiers because they are HELL. He throws the biggest fit if he doesn’t have his favorite one (the soothies.) He won’t take any other pacifier but those. It’s so irritating.

But I’m going to get off the computer and try to get some sleep. I have alot on my mind that I might post about later.



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