All About Me

So… since I’ve somewhat finished up the page design and whatnot, I feel like I should introduce myself a little more properly (the about me page is a work in progressĀ šŸ˜‰ ) and tell you some things about me.

As you know, my name is Aimee. I’m 29 years old Ā living in Indiana. I’m actually from Arizona. I moved to Indiana in 2012 to live with a friend who needed my help. Ā  OK… I came here to be with him. We ended up lasting two weeks but we were the best of friends. Unfortunately,Ā he passed away in November 2012 due to heart complications. His name was Adrien.

Luckily, I had a few friends here after that happened, they helped me out alot. I ended up meeting new people and eventually became really good friends with a guy named Alex. We met at my birthday party my friends threw for me and have been great friends ever since. We lived together off and on for a few years.

One day I was on Meet Me (a dating app) because I was really wanting to meet some new friends. I was lonely after I broke up with my ex and lived with Alex again. He worked all the time so I was pretty much alone alot. I met Chris May 2015 and we started dating right away. In September, I found I was 6 weeks pregnant!Ā I had an easy pregnancy (with a few false alarms) and gave birth to Jay on May 5th 2016 at 3:01pm after being in active labor for 16 hours from being induced. I had an epidural so I didn’t feel anything at all! I tried breastfeeding but that only lasted a month. Jay ended up not being able to properly latch no matter how hard I tried and since he wasn’t gaining weight, I switched to formula. Now he’s 7 months old and growing like a weed!

Now that, that is out of the way, I’ll talk about some of my hobbies besides being a mommy. I am a gamer and love to play World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Pokemon and Zelda, and then some.Ā I own a Wii U, PS4, Xbox 360, and a 3d DS. I also play games on SteamĀ on my computer. I also love to draw and paint in my spare time. I used to love to read but I never get the time to do that anymore. I’m trying to get back into it so any book recommendations is welcome!

Well, I guess that’s all the time I have for right now. I need to get Jay down for a nap and do some cleaning around the apartment. Bye for now!



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